Esenti is a fast-growing company in the software industry with the mission of developing high-load systems for the monitoring and entertainment niche.

We are a young team of experienced experts striving to provide the best solutions.

We use the latest technologies and approaches to make our product best on the market.

Esenti began in 2021 as a startup with strong investors. By finding and retaining a skilled team of developers, we are going to grow rapidly and strengthen our position on the market.

Technological Stack


K8s, Terraform for provisioning

Message Bus


Event Streaming


Persistent main DB

TimescaleDB + Postgres + WAL-E + S3 Compatible storage (for backups)

Registry watcher service

ASP.NET Core 5(6)/F# + RabbitMQ

.NET client + FASTER (cache)

Registry back office

ASP.NET Core 5(6)/F#

Bet Collector service

ASP.NET Core 5 + RabbitMQ .NET

client + confluent-kafka-dotnet

Stream Consumer

ASP.NET Core 5(6)/F# + confluent-

kafka-dotnet + Npgsql



We react fast and are able to make
the changes in a wink.


We understand our own specialism perfectly and build creative solutions.

Level Of Care

We invest in employees as well as the business, because they are the business. We offer comfortable and flexible conditions for our employees.

Professional Team

We are taking decisions by hearing every opinion of any individual developer and building solid solutions by team efforts.

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